Tips to Extend Your Commercial Roof’s Life Span


As one of the top roofers in our local area, Summit Point Roofing highly recommends investing in a commercial roof maintenance program for your building. Regular roof maintenance can save you money, improve your roof’s performance, and increase its expected life span. You will be able to make the most of your commercial roof investment. Today, we will discuss the things you can do to extend the service life of your roof:

  • Develop a Good Working Relationship With a Trustworthy Contractor: This is the most important thing you can do to protect your commercial roof from leaks. You need to find an experienced and knowledgeable contractor and arrange a roof maintenance program with them. You want him to regularly examine your roof for problems and fix them. Fortunately, Summit Point Roofing can help you by professionally maintaining your commercial roof system.
  • Enforce Proper Rules: You want everyone to know proper protocol whenever they go on your roof. This includes HVAC repairmen, plumbing repairmen, and other building personnel. Invest in proper roofing education so that your personnel know the risks. For instance, if you have a PVC roof, they will need to know not to smoke and drop cigarettes up there because cigarettes can melt a hole in your roofing system. As a commercial and residential roofing expert, we also suggest using walk pads on your roof to prevent roof damage.
  • Have an Eyes-Open Approach and Good Planning: Your personnel need to be prepared every time they access your roof. They need to be ready to look for debris around the drains and other minor roofing problems that they can fix or inform you about. You also need to have materials and plans ready for roofing emergencies.

Summit Point Roofing can help you with all of your commercial roofing needs. Our specialists can design and implement a maintenance program for your roof that will maximize its performance and improve its life span. We can regularly evaluate your roof’s condition and fix any problem spots that we find, greatly reducing the risk of roof leaks. Summit Point Roofing serves many areas in MI, including Grand Rapids. Give us a call to learn more about our services and products. You can also schedule a free consultation.

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