The Basic Parts of a Roofing System


As with the other parts of your home, your roofing system is something to which you should regularly pay attention. Essentially, the uppermost portion of your home shields you and your family members from the elements, protecting you from the sun, rain, snow and wind. With your roof getting the brunt of the adverse weather conditions, it is extremely important that you perform regular maintenance on it at least once a year.

While doing regular checks on your roof is advised, it is also of great importance that you know your roofing system as well. By learning and understanding its parts, you can better take care of it. Thus, here are the basic roofing components and their functions:


This is the first and innermost layer of your roofing. Typically made of plywood, it is supported by your home’s rafters. This layer is rigid enough to support the next layers of your roof.


This is the second layer of your roof and is made of felt or any similar material. It functions as a waterproof barrier for your home.


This is the third and outermost layer of your home and the one exposed to the elements. Shingles are available in different materials, including one or a combination of asphalt, ceramic, metal or slate. Along with the shingles are the other additional components that make up this layer, including the roof gutters, which collect rainwater and divert it away from your house.

Other Roof Design Components

Apart from the gutters, here are some of the other components of your roof:

  • Flashing – It is a piece of material impervious to water, such as metal or plastic, placed around structures like vent pipes and chimneys to protect them against moisture and water damage.

  • Fascia – It is a horizontal band made of wood or metal that covers the rafter’s edges. It is to where the gutters are usually attached.

  • Pitch – Not necessarily a part in the conventional sense but an essential component of the roof; it’s the slope of the roof, which dictates the availability of materials and its ability to shed water, snow and other precipitation.

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