Shingle Recycling & How It Benefits You


Summit Point Roofing is one of the few GAF Certified Green™ roofers in Grand Rapids. We urge homeowners to take part in helping save the environment through GAF’s shingle recycling program. In this post, you’ll learn how this work and how it benefits you and the environment.

Asphalt Shingle Recycling

We take extra steps to properly remove your old asphalt shingle system, which we will then recycle and repurpose. By separating torn-off shingles from other waste, we can save you up to 10 on disposal costs.

Recycle Roofing

Both residential and commercial roofing made from asphalt will get repurposed for use in paving roads, reducing the need for new products. Asphalt isn’t the only thing recycled the mineral parts of the roof are also reused, which helps conserve natural resources.

On top of the environmental benefits, recycling asphalt shingles saves everyone money. As a taxpayer, you’ll save costs when your local community uses that recycled asphalt for paving, which, in turn, saves contractors valuable money by reducing their energy and material outlay.

Additionally, the fact that recycled asphalt can be used multiple times means you also help preserve landfill space, something of which the U.S. is quickly running out.

Certified Shingle Recycler

At Summit Point Roofing, we are an asphalt shingle recycler certified by GAF. We get constant training from them on the latest roofing news and best practices as well as more effective strategies in asphalt shingle recycling. We can help you save money on disposal costs while preserving the environment.

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