Roofing Basics for First-Time Homeowners


For many first-time homeowners, dealing with their home’s roofing is seen as something of a roadblock to home improvement. It’s understandably the trickiest and most complex part of the home, but it’s far from an impossible feat.

In this post, we discuss roofing basics and important details you need to know about your upcoming roofing project.

Price vs. Value

First, keep in mind that price and value are two different things, even though most people use them interchangeably. As a general rule, a cheaper price doesn’t immediately equate to better value. Three-tab shingles may be cheaper than their designer asphalt counterparts, but they have lower durability and don’t last as long as higher-rated asphalt.

Between the two roofing systems, the Designer asphalt does have a higher cost, but an equally high long-term value, too.

Routine Maintenance Is Vital

Roof repairs shouldn’t be done as a reactive response to roofing problems; you need to be proactive by doing routine maintenance on your roof. Small roofing problems like leaks can grow in size in a matter of weeks, becoming a really expensive concern before you know it. Routine maintenance keeps your roof in good condition throughout the years.

Always Work With an Expert Roofing Contractor

Finally, you should always work with a certified and licensed local roofer. It’s tempting to do DIY work, but you risk spending more on materials and equipment that you’ll probably only use once. You may also do inadequate work, which may end up costing you more in the long run.

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