Snow Retention Systems

Ever heard of a “catastrophic dump” or “rooftop avalanche” (yep, those are actual names.)

They’re technical terms for large amounts of snow and ice sliding off your roof. In a place like Michigan, proper snow retention is critical for preventing damage to your gutters, landscaping, decks, pets, and loved ones. If this is a problem — or you worry it will become one — our team will design a snow retention system that best fits your needs in terms of snow load, aesthetics, and functionality — so you can avoid a cold-weather catastrophe.

Snow Retention Options

Allowing snow to safely make its way or melt off your roof is the main job of a snow retention system. To that end, there are two common solutions we employ.

Snow Guards

Available for asphalt shingle roofs and metal roofs, snow guards are devices that prevent snow from sliding off your roof in large amounts. They essentially catch and hold the snow so it falls off your roof in smaller amounts or melts and runs into your gutters. Snow guards are best suited to roofs or areas of a roof with small to medium snow loads.

Snow Rails

Also called snow fences, these are like long, continuous pipes that do the same thing as snow guards, but can handle medium to large amounts of snow. Where snow sliding off a roof is a serious problem due to a lot of snow accumulation, a snow guard is ideal.

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Looking for a Solution to Ice Dams?

Snow melting and refreezing can also create ice dams — long, thick lines of ice and icicles along the edge of your roof and gutters.

Snow Retention FAQs

What type of roofs need snow retention?

Sloped roofs should be considered for snow retention. Materials like metal, slate, and synthetic materials do not hold snow well and should be considered for snow retention.

What is the purpose of Snow Retention?

Snow retention holds the snow on your roof and allows it to melt and slide off in manageable loads. Without snow retention large amounts of snow can slide off your roof damaging your landscape, gutters, and anything else that happens to be in its way when falling.

Are there different types of Snow Retention?

Yes , depending on the material we used a number of systems to help manage the snow on your roof. Products vary depending on the type of roofing material. Products like Slate, Synthetic products, and shingles typically utilize a pad style system, while Metal Roofs require a clamp to seam bar style system.