How Proper Ventilation and Insulation Can Save Your Roof


Your home is protected by your roof, which stands up against the weather day in and day out. Like many things, however, it will begin to deteriorate in time. You can improve its condition and extend its service life by adding proper ventilation and insulation. How so? Read on, and see how your local roofers use these to keep your roof healthy.

They Prevent Heat Absorption

Touch your roof during a sunny day. Does it feel like it’s hot? If it does, that means your roof is absorbing lots of solar heat that then is then passed into your rooms. When you add proper ventilation to your roof system, it lets in the cold air from the outside. This will circulate within your house, stirring up the moist, hot air within and releasing it through the vents.

These will help your roof recover from heat damage by helping it cool down through dissipation. Heat damage can lead to the discoloration and curling of your shingles. This can be bad news, especially for roofs that already have a few years on them.

Energy Efficiency

Aside from letting your house cool down, proper ventilation can help your residential or commercial roofing cut down on energy costs. When heat builds up and raises the temperature in the structure, two things happen. First of all, the cost to cool down the interior of the home also increases. Secondly, not only does your roof have to deal with the heat from outside, but it also has to deal with the heat from within.

When you make sure your home has proper ventilation, you do more than save money by reducing your HVAC costs. A cooler interior means your roof will deal with less heat. This will also give your roof enough room for dissipating all the heat it has absorbed, which can cool it down even more.

Removing Ice Dams

Improper ventilation in your residential roofing can cause other heat-related problems. Hot roofs can cause snow to melt during the winter. This melted snow then runs off into the gutter system, which is, more likely than not, unheated. The runoff then spills over and refreezes, causing ice dams to form. These can pull your gutters down and severely damage them. This damage exposes not just your roof, but the rest of your home to further damage from water runoff. With better insulation and ventilation, you can help your roof stay cool and prevent the snow from melting.

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