At Summit Point Roofing, our goal is simple: to provide the best, most honest buying experience in the roofing industry. A big part of that is looking out for our valued customers’ best interests during the insurance claims process.

If your roof has recently suffered damage from a storm or other extreme weather event, we’re here to help. Our experts have been working with insurance claims for years and understand what goes into processing a claim properly and efficiently.


Step 1: Initial inspection and claim filing.

A Summit Point Roofing specialist will do a comprehensive inspection to assess what kind of damage your roof has sustained. Once you have contacted your provider, filed a claim, and scheduled a meeting with your insurance adjuster, we will take note of your policy number and your adjuster’s contact information so that our field specialist can be present during your meeting.

If the damage to your roof is extensive and warrants immediate attention, let your provider know so they can authorize emergency work. Your policy should cover any temporary fixes done to prevent further loss.

Step 2: Meeting with the insurance adjuster.

On the day of your meeting, our specialist will discuss our findings with your adjuster. We will provide photographic evidence of the damage, point out anything they may have overlooked, and use our roofing expertise to ensure you get the claim amount you are entitled to.

It’s important that you do not get any permanent repairs done until your adjuster arrives for this inspection.

Step 3: Claim sheet review.

Your provider will send you a claim sheet detailing the scope of the damage and the funds that will be made available for your repairs, less your deductible. We will review the claim sheet to make sure all bases are covered. If there is any discrepancy between our estimate and that of the adjuster’s, we will continue to work with them to ensure accuracy and fair market value.

Rest assured that we will not charge you more than the amount your provider will allocate for your project and that your only out-of-pocket expense will be your insurance deductible. Should our bid come in lower than your claim amount, you may not even have to pay your deductible.

Once we’ve reached an agreed price with your provider, we can schedule work on your roof.

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