Do’s and Don’ts When Planning Your Roof Replacement Project


Planning your roof replacement project is just as important as the actual construction. In most cases, getting it right is half the battle. To avoid costly mistakes and ensure it goes smoothly, Summit Point Roofing shares some tips:

Do: Invest in High-Quality Products

If you’re intending to stay in your property for a long time, it pays to put your money on top-shelf roofing components and gutters. Roof replacement isn’t something you should do more than once. One of the few ways to truly make your new roof last is to buy a complete system consisting of parts made by just one manufacturer. An excellent case in point is GAF’s Lifetime Roofing System.

Don’t: Forgo a Contingency Budget

Most of your budget would go to cover the costs of materials, labor and the permit application. However, don’t forget about contingencies. More often than not, roofing projects reveal unpleasant surprises as they unfold.

Addressing your property’s potentially hidden, pre-existing structural problems matters so the construction can move forward. Without extra funds to absorb any additional expenses, your roofing project’s timeline would be affected.

Do: Hire a Certified, Licensed, Insured and Bonded Company

As much as you may want to keep your costs low, hiring a contractor with unimpressive credentials isn’t the answer. It’s imperative to entrust your project to a certified, licensed, insured and bonded company like Summit Point Roofing. This way, you can protect yourself against fraud, property damage, worker injury and unsatisfactory workmanship.

Don’t: Pay a Lot of Money Upfront

Every reliable roofing contractor would only ask you to put down 10% of the project’s cost or $1,000 (whichever is less) as earnest money. Any company that would ask for more before the construction even begins doesn’t deserve your trust. If you prepay about 30% to 50% of the job total upfront, you’d get less incentive terminating the contract due to subpar work.

Let Summit Point Roofing help you pull your roof replacement project off. Fill out our form to talk about your roofing needs, and get a free estimate. We serve property owners in Grand Rapids and Detroit, MI, and other surrounding areas.

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