Commercial Preventative Maintenance

Commercial roofs require routine maintenance in order to remain in good working order and for some manufacturers it is a requirement to keep your warranty valid.

Roof maintenance items range from fixing small holes, caulking deteriorating flashings, to more comprehensive items that prevent small items from turning into costly repairs. Maintenance is a low cost way to keep your roof in good condition, and ensure that your business can continue to operate without inconvenience or costly interior damage.


Audit (every inch)
We assess every facet of your roof to determine its current condition and long term outlook. We then create a custom Roof Profile, complete with life cycle forecast, budget, and maintenance planning. Nothing is ever in question.


Rehab (like a pro)
Roofs sometimes require immediate attention. Our teams address issues ranging from active leaks to minor concerns others sometimes overlook. Bottom line: we make sure your roof is in optimal condition for seasons to come.


Maintain (calm)
Much like servicing a car, routine maintenance can extend the life of your roof—even beyond the manufacturer's warranty. Addressing minor concerns with consistent, professional upkeep ensures your roof is in good working order and eliminates needless expense.


Replace (with the best)
Roof replacement is always our last option. The good news? Our Roof Profile will have already maximized your existing roof and prepared you well in advance.

And, because we don’t believe in surprises, you will receive a detailed proposal, project timelines, and scope of work.

We’re proactive. You’re prepared.

It’s amazing what happens when roofing is designed around you. Our Peak Performance Roofing Program means having the right information at your fingertips at all times. Discover our proactive approach. And turn your roof from a liability into a lasting asset.