Other Commercial Roofing Services

24-Hour Emergency Leak Services

We know the impact that a roof leak can have on your business, your residents, and you. It’s the reason that we’re here for you around the clock. Should an emergency situation arise, simply contact us through our 24-hour emergency response line. One of our highly trained service teams will be dispatched immediately to get your facility back to a watertight condition.

Preventative Maintenance Program

There’s nothing like being in the driver’s seat and knowing what to expect at all times. With our Preventative Maintenance Program you will know exactly what condition your roofs are in, what requires immediate attention, and what can wait. Not only does regularly scheduled maintenance allow you to keep your roof in a warranted status, but it also greatly increases the service life of your systems.

Non-Destructive Inspection & Testing Services

Whether you’re acquiring a property, your roof has been neglected, or you just want to ensure the products and methods your chosen contractor is using will achieve the required results, look no further. From infrared and electrical capacitance inspection to pull-out testing for substrate fasteners and adhesion tests for coatings, our certified technicians will ensure that your system performs as intended.

Tapered Insulation Design & Budgeting

A properly designed system is essential for maximizing the lifespan of your roof. We will ensure that your new roof system is properly designed to meet manufacturer and building code requirements, maximizing your investment.

Sheet Metal Systems

We’ve got you covered, from coping metals and counter flashings to commercial gutters and downspouts. Our consultative approach takes into account form, function, and aesthetics. After all, your building needs to look and function as intended.

Snow Retention Systems

Don’t bear the load another day. Working with the best snow retention manufacturers in the business, we will design and install systems that keep properties safe.

Snow & Ice Removal

Michigan winters breed ice dams. Additional weight from snow and ice is not only tough on your roof’s surface but creates added stress to your facility’s roof structure. At approximately 8.35 lbs per gallon, it doesn’t take long for the additional load of ice and water to create unwanted problems. We’ll keep your roofs clear, drains clean, and water flowing.

Roof-Top Safety

Providing safe roof-top access and the appropriate fall protection equipment could not only save your business thousands of dollars in the future but also shows your employees and contractors that you care about their safety. We provide and install a wide variety of external and internal ladders, access hatches, fall protection anchors, and perimeter railing systems.

Plumbing & Mechanical Contractor Services

When it’s time to install new roof-top equipment, additional ventilation, or penetrate your roof in any way, we’re here to help. We’ll work alongside your plumbing, electrical, and HVAC professionals to ensure that your roof remains watertight throughout the process.

Roof-Top Wall Sealants & Masonry Sealer

Out of sight, out of mind… until it’s too late! Serious issues can arise if you’re not actively monitoring and maintaining your cladding and masonry walls. Our team takes a proactive approach when performing your roof inspections and identifies potential problems with your wall systems as well. Deteriorating mortar and masonry control joint sealants are some of the most common issues we see. Our goal is to keep your facility watertight so your team can keep operating as planned.

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