Best Benefits of Working With a Licensed Contractor


Whether you need your roof fixed, gutters replaced or insulation installed, working with a licensed contractor will make your project easier to pull off. Different building professionals strive to meet Michigan’s licensing requirements, not just to market themselves, but also to protect the best interests of customers.

When tackling a residential or commercial roofing, gutter or insulation project, here are the best advantages of hiring a licensed contractor:

Guaranteeing Competency

A license is a vote of confidence from the state, showing that the contractor holds adequate credentials to get the job done right. After all, not everyone that claims to be qualified actually is. The authorities designed the licensing process to weed out incompetent “professionals” and bestow the badge of excellence on those truly proficient in their trades.

Ensuring Integrity

Licensed roofers and gutter and insulation contractors like Summit Point Roofing understand the rules and don’t skirt them. Companies that share such designation have everything to lose if they try to rip customers off. After all, it takes a lot of time, effort and money to obtain a certain builder license. On the contrary, unlicensed contractors have little to no incentives to do what’s right.

Further, licensed contractors are generally insured and bonded (as required by the state) as well. Hiring one gives you confidence and peace of mind.

Processing Permits

Only a licensed contractor would be willing to help you pull the necessary permits for your project, especially one that could affect your building’s safety. On the other hand, unlicensed companies would try to convince you not to tell the authorities about the construction. For contractors that want to stay under the radar, they would want to keep as few eyes on the project as possible.

Simplifying Dispute Resolution

Working with a licensed commercial or residential roofing, gutter or insulation contractor gives you the edge during misunderstandings. The state has a dispute resolution program in place to iron out the problems. Plus, you can get properly compensated using available state funds.

If you hire an unlicensed contractor, you can’t have the state licensing board as your ally. You would be on your own, making it more difficult to hold the other party accountable.

Turn to Summit Point Roofing to enjoy the benefits of working with a licensed contractor. To talk about your construction needs and learn more about our credentials, call us at (616) 622-6343 or (231) 299-0079. We serve property owners in Grand Rapids, MI, and other nearby communities.

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