4 Tools and Equipment Professionals Use to Repair Your Roof


Professional roofing companies have tools and equipment that make the roof repair process quick, safe and efficient. Some of the tools we use during our roofing projects include sealants, roofing nails, safety harnesses, scaffolding and ladders. Learn more about the equipment and tools we use here:

  1. Sealants – We use high-quality sealants to keep water from penetrating the areas around your chimney, flashings and roof vents. We also have tarps that prevent rain from damaging your roof and reaching your interior in case we don’t finish the roof repair in a day.
  2. Roofing Nails – As a roofing expert, we use the right kind and amount of nails during a roof repair. Mistakes in nailing can damage your shingles and make your roof more vulnerable to roof leaks. Fortunately, we are manufacturer certified so we know the proper way to nail your shingles to your roof.
  3. Safety Equipment – We use roof anchors, safety harnesses, shock absorbing lanyards and other safety equipment during the project. We care about our repair crew, and we want to make your roof repair as safe as possible. In addition to safety equipment, all of our crew are trained to follow the latest safety guidelines and roofing industry standards.
  4. Scaffolding and Ladders – Ladders may look like a simple device, but using the right kind of ladder is incredibly important. The ladders we use are designed to be as strong and stable as possible. We can also use scaffolds depending on the nature of the roof repair project.

Summit Point Roofing can help you if you need to replace your gutters or roof. We also provide roof repair and maintenance services. We are a fully licensed, certified and insured company, and we also carry workers’ compensation. Contact us here to learn more about our services and products or to schedule a consultation. We serve Detroit, Grand Rapids and many other areas in Michigan.

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